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What does an Apprenticeship Ambassador do?

The main role of an Ambassador is to act as an advocate of Apprenticeships and promote the benefits to relevant stakeholders.

Ambassadors take on their role (on a voluntary basis) by supporting and influencing a wide range of key stakeholders including schools, colleges, local enterprise partnerships, employers & their supply chains, trade associations and employment bodies. They champion and support marketing, publicity and events to raise awareness of apprenticeships and mentor other employers.

Being an Ambassador within The North West; you would be involved in activities across one or more of the following themes

  • Events and Ceremonies

  • Highlighting Apprenticeships

  • Widening Participation

  • Employer Engagement/ Tackling skills gaps

Ambassadors help create a ‘Buzz’ around apprenticeships either face to face at events or via social media channels – linking their company activity with the Network to highlight the great things that happen across the region.

Employers are invited to join the network if they demonstrate a high commitment to Apprenticeships within their workforce or have a high profile within their local area.

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