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Jack Mellor, Digital Marketing Apprentice, North West Apprenticeship Ambassador Network.

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

What made me choose an Apprenticeships?

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Jack Mellor, I am 24 and I’m a university graduate from Bolton University with a BA Honours in Media Production. I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with The Juice Academy working for The North West Apprenticeships Ambassador Network.

What made you want to become an apprentice?

After completing university, I always wanted to work in the media industry, one way or another. I gained so much experience but still struggled to get a job, things were getting frustrating. I ended up working in a printers for around 2 years but after receiving my debts gained from university I felt like I was wasting my time and needed to find an alternative route in. I heard about The Juice Academy from a friend and thought I would give it a shot as it was something I wanted to do and it’s a job/experience all in one.

What’s the best thing about being an apprentice?

I think the best thing is being able to gain the valuable experience many companies always ask for. After struggling for so long getting work due to lack of experience this is the best way to get that. Since starting my apprenticeship I have learnt so much and I have been given opportunities which I would never have thought I would have got. Not saying that university is a bad thing because I did learn a lot, but I just wish I started an apprenticeship straight from college as I would be settled in the media industry by now.

Is it what you expected?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when starting my apprenticeship, I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t feel I would enjoy it as much as I have straight away. No coffee making, no running around, this is the real job you get to do. 5 months into my apprenticeship I was up in front of 30/40 people talking about social media and communications from a PowerPoint which I created and the feedback I got was amazing. This really boosted my confidence and made me feel proud of myself. Something I have never felt.

How do you think it will help your career in the future?

At first, I thought the main thing it would help is gaining me the experience in the industry I want to go in and hopefully help me get a well-paid job. But growing my confidence for the future is another help for me. I have never been the most confident, so for me to go to networking events and get up and talk in front of people as an apprentice is a great personal achievement, when I finish I hope I can keep doing this.

Have you got any words of advice for people thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

Whatever job you want to do in the future have a look to see if you can do an apprenticeship in that area. 9 times out of 10 you can, and this is the quickest and best way to get into this area of work. University is great, but for me you don’t learn what is happening now. From my experience at university I was learning all different types of techniques in film and editing but by the time I left university all them techniques had changed. Doing an apprenticeship, you keep up with the latest trends and learn as you earn. Research everything and make sure this is something you really want to do because when you are in it you must give it 100%.’

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